Jenny. Passion is my favorite word, because I feel that life without passion(s) would be pretty darn boring. Passion also drives people forward and makes you do things you thought wouldn’t be possible.

Few years ago I was living a very different life working as a manager in financial sector. I always tell people to follow their dreams, so I felt like a fraud if I just talk the talk, but wouldn’t walk the walk myself. So I resigned my job in the Spring 2016 and replaced the Excel sheets to a camera.

In June 2016, I graduated as a photographer from Helsinki Design School. The school gave me a huge back-bag full of tools for creating my own style and a career as a photographer. I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best photographers in Finland. I also feel like my past work experience in financial sector is a great asset for me as a photographer. I have worked together with several different clients from different fields of business, so I definitely know what it is to work with companies, big or small. I have also been a project manager for years, and I know that it will come handy when doing various photoshoot projects. Most of all I know what it is to be a client buying services.

Architecture has always fascinated me and once I even wanted to study to become an architect. Economics won that round, but architecture is winning the second one. Buildings and interiors really turn into life when natural light hits them just from the right angle. My goal is to be there with my camera when that happens.

What else? I’m a wife. I’m a mother for a 8-year-old mini-me. My other severe passion is freeride-skiing and hiking. You can take the snow out of Southern Finland (that’s were I live in the beautiful city of Turku), but you can’t take the girl out of the mountains 🙂 I would love to do Yoga and eat vegan food, but I don’t.

My motto:
Go and do things today, since after all, Today is all we have….


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